Bluegrass Feeders

Providing high quality, organic crickets for your pet.

About Us

Bluegrass Feeders is Kentucky's oldest commercial cricket farm. We took over Henderson Cricket Farm late 2022. HCF had been raising high quality, organic crickets for over 50 years and we are excited to continue that legacy.

These crickets are raised by people who own reptiles. We know what it takes to keep our reptile friends happy so we invite you to try our crickets!

Bluegrass Feeders currently serves pet & bait shops, zoos and retail customers by raising quality crickets. In the near future we will expand to include other feeders as well as a line of crickets for human consumption.

More Info

Shipping information:

We ship Monday-Wednesday USPS priority mail and UPS ground

Pet stores and resellers please call for availability.

We use USPS priority mail and UPS ground for our shipping needs and ship Monday-Wednesday. Please see winter shipping for cold weather instructions. We do use 48 hour heat packs (included with delivery price) when temperatures warrant. We also offer UPS ground shipping for an additional nominal fee. A good choice for anyone in postal zone 3 and above. See zone links above to determine your zone. At this time we are unable to ship beyond postal zone 3 or UPS zone 3.

Winter Shipping:When Forecast Temperatures Are 45 Degrees and Below:

When forecast temperatures are 20 degrees and below, shipping will be on a day to day basis to all postal zones and UPS zones.

We will make every effort to notify you of a good shipping day prior to processing your order.

During cold weather you may wish to contact your post office to hold for pick up. We can put that request on the shipping label with your phone number if provided.

When you receive your crickets during cold weather allow them to warm for 3-4 hours before unpacking them.

Cricket Care:

In cold weather place somewhere warm for 3-4 hours prior to unpacking.

In the warmer weather months do not sit your cage in direct sun. This could cause them to get too warm.

Keep your crickets warm and dry. While optimum range for growth is 80-90 degrees, we find keeping your crickets in the mid to upper 70's at home works well.

Provide fresh food and water. Dry grains, potatoes, carrots, and greens work well as a food source. Do not allow produce to get moldy. You must keep it fresh.

Vegetable sponges work well as a water source. They can be found on the internet or pet stores.

Give the crickets plenty of standing room. Use the egg crates that come in the box, as well as, paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

Always feel free to call if you have any questions!