2020 was my first year teaching. Combine the horrors of covid-teaching, with 10th graders and being a first year teacher lets just say it was a hellacious year.Needless to say I resigned and I told people I was going to raise crickets, some folks thought I had lost my mind. It took me a few years to find my path and in 2023 I purchased Henderson Cricket Farm from Jeff and Vicky Collins. Henderson Cricket Farm was the first commercial cricket farm in the Bluegrass State. When I took over I knew I wanted to pay homage to this great state- hence Bluegrass Feeders. Jeff believed in – and taught me – a few simple truths: always be honest, sell quality products at fair prices, and treat people the way you would expect to be treated.

I graduated from Campbellsville University  in 2018, taught for a few years while trying to find my way in the world, eventually meeting Jeff and figuring out a way for him to retire. I have amazing plans to grow the company including producing various types of feeder insects, but LIVE CRICKETS have and will always be our specialty. Our goal has always been to produce crickets that are clean, healthy, and lively.One of the things I am most excited about is that we check on every cricket, every day and that they are fed high quality organic feed. These two things we feel like set us apart from our competition.

We invite you to compare us to our competitors – our prices are competitive, our quality is unmatched, and we try to treat every customer as if he or she were our only one. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with every purchase. After all, that’s how I would expect to be treated!
Thank you for your business,
TJ Rayhill
Bluegrass Feeders
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